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The LuchEDora


Katie Caster
l Urban Educator

Katie Caster is an urban educator and LuchEDora with over fourteen years of demonstrated experience in teaching and higher-ed. She believes in leading with her Latinidad and advancing efforts in the areas of anti-racist pedagogy, and recruitment and retention of educators of color. She has a proven history of working in public education and is well versed in Curriculum Development, Special Education, Educational Leadership, and working with English Language Learners. 


Katie is currently a K-8 educator with Boston Public Schools and for the last several years has conducted extensive research on Latina recruitment and retention in the education sector. She is also a public speaker and has led national conversations on abolitionist education and delivering the message that diversity in the teaching force is no longer an ask, but a demand. 


Katie’s strong professional history, paired with her drive for transformational change in the education sector, has made her a passionate, active advocate for helping educators and organizations dismantle white supremacy culture in Education.

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Image by Kane Reinholdtsen


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